HSA Investments

Devenir is a leading independent investment advisor and consultant in the health savings account industry. As an early entrant into the HSA market and with our primary business focusing on investment solutions for the consumer driven healthcare market, Devenir has developed a passion and expertise surrounding the HSA industry. Our experience with HSAs since their adoption in 2004 has given Devenir a unique perspective and keen insight on the growth of health savings accounts and the needs of HSA custodians.

Devenir has partnered with some of the largest banks, administrators, and technology partners to provide a first class, convenient and cost effective HSA investment solution for their HSA customers.

Devenir Integrated Investment Platform

Integrating an investment solution into your HSA gives your business a competitive and financial advantage over HSA solutions that do not offer investments. Devenir’s comprehensive investment solution helps you to gather and retain more HSA assets. Our solution includes:

  • Investment custodial services
  • A wide array of mutual fund choices through our open architecture platform
  • Independent investment consulting
  • Prospectus and proxy services
  • Self-directed online brokerage options
  • Recordkeeping software that includes
    • Online web tools, including account history, balance information, contribution election, and exchanges
    • Electronic or paper statements
    • On-line investment planning and research tools
    • Single sign on or web services capabilities
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Customer service education and training

The HSA Investor

The average total balance of an HSA investor is $14,0351

Retirement Costs

A 65 year old couple retiring today will need over $245,000 for medical expenses in retirement2

The Competitive HSA Model

HRA / VEBA Investments

Devenir is a leader in providing comprehensive investment offerings for VEBA and Section 115 Trust accounts. VEBA Trusts are IRS-approved Federal tax-exempt trusts that fall under IRS Code 501(c)(9). VEBA Trusts are intended to provide health and welfare benefits through a pooled trust to employees of a common organization. Employees are allocated pre-tax dollars from the trust that allows them to pay for qualified medical expenses, disability, severance, and life insurance benefits.

Section 115 trusts do not need IRS approval, but must obtain a private letter ruling from the IRS to be considered tax-exempt and do not have the additional contribution discrimination testing of a VEBA or HRA.

Other Devenir Solutions


A white label solution for HSA custodians to provide investments as a feature to their HSA offering without having to integrate platforms.

Looking to offer an investment solution without an investment in costly technology? Devenir offers a solution where your customers can access a suite of investment options and tools without an extensive integration period that a custom plan necessitates. You can direct your customers to our website where they can find a variety of mutual fund options to invest a portion of their HSA, all the while you remain the account custodian.

HSA Planner

A suite of tools, calculators and education to help healthcare account holders make informed decisions around the healthcare spending and savings.

Planning for your healthcare future takes time and effort. To help along the way, Devenir offers an assortment tools, calculators and resources to help HSA accountholders make the most suitable decisions for their HSA.

HSA Search

Matching HSA consumers savings goals to the right HSA provider.

Matching your savings goals to the right HSA custodian is a key to achieving those goals. Through HSA Search you can do just that. Devenir has compiled a website with a wealth of information on HSA custodians and their individual offerings. Finding the custodian that fits your needs is easy through www.hsasearch.com.

If you are an HSA custodian and wish to be added to the website please contact us at info@hsasearch.com.

  1. Includes the accountholders investment and deposit balances. Source: 2015 Year-End Devenir HSA Research Report
  2. Source: Health Care Costs for Couples in Retirement Rise to an Estimated $245,000