Forbes: How To Pick The Health Savings Account That Is Right For You

“Much of the growth in HSAs has come from the corporate market,” said Eric Remjeske, president and co-founder of Devenir, an HSA consulting firm in Minneapolis.

Morningstar’s HSA report “focused a lot on fees, but not on features,” Remjeske said. Online calculators, robo-advising tools for investing, and automatic rebalancing can be meaningful to account holders, he said, and Morningstar didn’t evaluate those nuances.

Since employers are driving the growth of the HSA market, consider your workplace HSA first if you have one. This is especially if your employer offers matching contributions. (The average HSA employer contribution is $658 this year, according to Devenir.)

Morningstar’s HSA report gives you a good way to benchmark your employer’s offering. If you don’t like the HSA your employer has picked or you are self-employed, look elsewhere. As long as you have a high-deductible health plan, you can use any HSA you want. HSASearch, run by Devenir, helps you comparison-shop from more than 540 providers beyond the 10 accounts Morningstar analyzed.