InvestmentNews: HSAs a health care reform winner

HSA deposits will top $14 billion in assets this year, according to estimates from Devenir LLC, a firm that manages HSA investments. That number was closer to $1 billion in 2006.

But a 2008 study from the Government Accountability Office concluded that HSA participants were mostly high-earners. Indeed, the accountholders had an average annual adjusted gross income of $139,000.

The health care bill might add to the number of lower-income users. “The pool of people who are entering the market for health insurance may or may not be your typical HSA customer,” said Eric Remjeske, president of Devenir. “Some will either join out of self-selection or through their employers.”

Mr. Remjeske added, however, that it’s not entirely clear who will sign up for HSAs. “The economy also has something to do with it,” he said. “You won’t be as inclined to contribute if you need the money for something else.

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