Devenir Releases Viewpoints White Paper – Best Practices: HSA Investments Menu Design

MINNEAPOLIS — Devenir, a market leader in HSA investments, has released a white paper Viewpoint exploring best practices for health savings account (HSA) investment menu design.

HSA investments have seen significant growth since the inception of HSAs nearly 20 years ago and continues to draw wide-spread interest throughout the industry. HSA investing is commonly featured as a promising tool for improving health and wealth outcomes. Devenir leverages its HSA research and experience in creating cutting-edge HSA investment solutions to identify key considerations for HSA menu design. By offering best-practice marketplace conventions, Devenir aims to empower stakeholders to form more comprehensive and healthier assessments of the HSA investment landscape.

Highlights from the Viewpoint include:

  • Menu Size – It may be advantageous to include more funds in an HSA menu than a 401(k) menu due to the wider range of use cases for HSAs, among other factors.
  • Asset Class Selection – Menus should include a mix of asset classes that may contribute to the long-term upside potential of a portfolio without introducing excessive risk. The menu should provide the ability to create portfolios geared towards various HSA objectives.
  • Product Mix – Product mix should complement selected asset classes through active and/or passive options where appropriate and provide single-fund portfolio options such as allocation and target-date funds.

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Devenir is a national leader in providing customized investment solutions for HSAs and the consumer directed health care market. When health savings accounts first emerged in 2004, Devenir built its expertise around delivering cutting-edge investment solutions. As the consumer driven health care industry grew, so did Devenir’s reputation as a leading researcher and award-winning investment consultant. Today, Devenir continues to lead the way in the rapidly growing HSA market. A research driven perspective makes Devenir the go-to investment advisor, HSA investment platform and consultant to employers, banks, third party administrators, health plans and technology providers. Learn more at

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