WSJ: Couples Can Soon Put Over $10,000 a Year Into Health Savings Accounts

2024 Limits. HSA contribution limits are adjusted for inflation each year, and typically the bump is $100 to $200 a year if at all. But because of high inflation, the family maximum limit went up $450 for 2023 and another $550 for 2024.

Americans held $112.5 billion in about 37 million HSA accounts at the end of January, according to Devenir Research. Notably, Americans spend nearly $400 billion a year in posttax out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, according to HSA provider Alegeus.

The average total balance (including both deposits and investments) for someone who is investing in their HSA was $16,397 at the end of 2022. That compares with an average HSA balance of $2,445 for those with deposit accounts but not investing, according to Devenir.